Enthiran (aka Robot) took the world by storm with its crazy robo-centipede action. Can Shah Rukh Khan's Ra.One bring the same level of special effects and insanity? We're cautiously optimistic. Watch the first full-length trailer and decide for yourself.


Khan, also known as SRK, also did a new interview in which he explained a bit more about the film, coming in October. According to SRK: "Ra.One is not a science fiction film though it is based on computers, which today have become integral part of our lives. It's a regular superhero film, which should be a family entertainer." He also says the movie is named after the villain, because audiences tend to be more excited about villains. And yes, Ra.One stands for "Random Access One." Khan's character is "Jeevan, protector and giver, the superhero, who is a positive character."

And Khan says Ra.One is a father-son story, and it's "about making the right choices." Not to mention flipping cars over with your awesome telekinetic mojo.


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