Is Benedict Cumberbatch in Batman v. Superman?

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And is Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor bald after all? James Gunn hints that a cut character and more female characters could show up in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Jeff Bell outlines Agents of SHIELD season 2. And more information on Doctor Who's next episode. Spoilers now!

Top image: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

At Dragon*Con, director James Gunn answered a question about adding female heroes, including Captain Marvel, to the films:

The next question asked was about female superheroes within the Marvel universe, whether or not James would be incorporating any of them, and whether he had plans to bring in Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel, into the roster. Gunn stated that he wanted to steer clear of "earthlings" in his side of the Marvel universe, allowing Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) to be the main focus from Earth. While he agreed that more than likely, Carol Danvers would appear sooner rather than later in the Marvel movies, there were plenty of other women in the comic book roster of the Guardians of the Galaxy and he was more than excited to begin introducing them into future films. The plan, according to Gunn, is to introduce new female characters into the world of Guardians as soon as he could.


[ Collider]

James Gunn also posted a photo to Instagram, hinting that a character whose appearance was mostly cut from the film may return for the sequel. The caption said:

#gotgpicoftheday One of the tough things about making a film is sometimes you have to cut performances from the film, not because there was anything wrong with the performance, but for time or plotting reasons. Such was the case with @maramacorlett, who played the pit boss running the Orloni-F'saki table in the Boot of Jemiah. She was amazing, learning all of her lines in a foreign language we created. Although you can still see her in the film her part was drastically cut down because of pacing. However her character didn't die, so who knows where the pit boss could show up again! Here @realbautista rubs her head like he did in the cut scene from the movie, irritating her while drunk. #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy

Batman v. Superman

Asked by a BBC reporter about the rumors that he'd be playing a villain in Batman v. Superman, Benedict Cumberbatch refused to answer one way or the other if he'd be joining the DC universe. The tweet from the reporter, Chi Chi Izundo, is below. [via Comic Book Movie]


There are new photos from the set of Batman v. Superman, including shots of Jesse Eisenberg with his head covered. Could he be hiding a bald head under there? More photos here and at the link. [Henry Cavill News]



Vincent D'Onofrio spoke in very general terms about his upcoming role as Kingpin in the Netflix series:

Filming has been great. I can't really talk about specifics. Really. But I can tell you it's all working. It's all gritty. Everything is really impressive. They seem to know what they're doing over at Marvel. I think ever since Downey and [Jon] Favreau did Iron Man and proved that comic book movies could be really cool they've just embraced that and taken it to the next level. They keep knocking it out of the park. This Netflix series that we're filming right now, it's going to be so amazing to watch. We're doing these incredible, iconic scenes every single day. I have the best character; I play one of the best characters I've read in a long time. I haven't had this much fun with a role for many years.

How much did you know about the character before signing on?

I knew a bit about Wilson Fisk. I had seen the movies. I saw other interpretations. But for this, they really wanted everything to be fresh. They're operating like they have been doing their movies. I'm finding most of my inspiration for Fisk coming from the old artwork, artists like Frank Miller.


He also hinted at crossovers when talking about his interaction with his The Judge co-star Robert Downey Jr.:

Your new friend Downey must have been very excited you got the role.

He was thrilled. My wife actually texted him a photo of me dressed as Kingpin and we got a very, very excited text back.

I look forward to the Iron Man versus Kingpin crossover happening very soon.

[Laughs.] It's not impossible! They have all kinds of plans. I think this Daredevil show is going to be the start of some very exciting crossovers.


[Men's Journal via Comic Book Resources]

Doctor Who

Here are some hints for Saturday's "Robot of Sherwood":

"Anywhere in space and time"

"There's no such thing"

Friar Tuck

Sonic screwdriver?

More at the link! [Life, Doctor Who, and Combom]

And go here for more photos from the episode.


And a promo:

Agents of SHIELD

TV Line has a new photo of Skye with a giant gun and this description from executive producer Jeff Bell:

"Once we could say the word HYDRA, it's been a sprint, and we're planning to just keep sprinting." As the newly named director of the broken S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson "will have to make some hard decisions," as Nick Fury regularly did, "but unofficially, on the run and with people gunning for him," says Bell. The season opener will efficiently address the many burning Qs in play, including, "We've caught Ward, but what does that mean?"


We're also going to get amped up Fitz/Simmons issues, Kyle MacLachlan igniting Skye's father issues, and lingering trust issues for May and Coulson. In another TV Line interview, Bell added:

We come in in a surprising way. Coulson was always interested in getting back to the roots of S.H.I.E.L.D., to the kind of organization it used to be — you know, this small, covert, 'men in black' kind of thing. And I think you get a feel for that when we come into the second season.


[TV Line, TV Line]


The Vampire Diaries

Caroline and Stefan's relationship is going to be a big part of season 6, says executive producer Caroline Dries:

She's going to realize it's a little more one-sided than she was hoping, and there's going to be some fallout from that. But just because one character doesn't like another character, that doesn't mean it's not a fascinating love story.


[TV Line]

The Walking Dead

Showrunner Scott Gimple answered a question about how Carol will feel about Daryl's reaction to her banishment:

"What Carol knows about how Daryl reacted is pretty limited because she wasn't there." That said, Carol's estrangement and eventual return "does have weight" and "will be felt throughout the season," Gimple adds. "It's part of their history. And they haven't seen each other since it's happened. So there will be a catching up to that fact.


[TV Line]

And here's new art for season 5 [Shock Till You Drop]



According to EP David Greenwalt, the next season will introduce a "new character who will enter the fray who also really wants to find that baby." [TV Line]


Hemlock Grove

Netflix has ordered a third and final season of the show. [TV Guide]

The Flash

Episode 1.06 will be called "The Flash Is Born." [via SpoilerTV]


Here's a new poster that draws very heavily on the comic book origins of the character. [SpoilerTV]



Go here for more photos from the premiere. [SpoilerTV]


Once Upon a Time

Here's a summary of the episode titles that have been revealed so far:

4.01: "A Tale Of Two Sisters."

4.02: "White Out."

4.03: "Rocky Road."

4.04: "The Apprentice."

4.05: "Breaking Glass."

4.06: "Family Business."

[K Site TV]


Here's a new poster for season 10:


Z Nation

Here are the titles and synopses for the first three episodes of the zombie show:

Episode 1.01 - Puppies and Kittens

In Upstate New York, a zombie baby proves to be an obstacle for a diverse group of survivors as they head cross country in hopes of creating a cure for the undead condition.

Episode 1.02 - Fracking Zombies

In New Jersey, Cassandra's past comes back to haunt her and the survivors run out of fuel and undertake a dangerous mission in order to fill up.

Episode 1.03 - Philly Feast

In Philadelphia, a group of psychotic outlaws confronts the survivors and a connection exists between the two parties.



The Originals

Here's the first photo from episode 2.01, "Rebirth." [SpoilerTV]


Falling Skies

Here's a promo for season 5. [via SpoilerTV]

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