Is anybody planning on seeing the extended Avatar this weekend? Anyone at all?

Over at io9's Facebook page, we asked if people were going to see the new re-release of James Cameron's Avatar, with the nine extra minutes of footage. The response? An overwhelming shrug. As Prince-Toddy English put it, "If nine minutes were edited they were cut for a reason." What do you think? Are you stoked to see a longer Avatar, or has Pandora fatigue set in?


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James Whitbrook

Nope. I did really enjoy Avatar when I saw it, but I don't really care for it enough to go and see it again just for 8 minutes or so of extra footage.

I'm seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World next week instead!

P.S The 30 second ad for it where they absolutely BUTCHERED Two Steps from Hell's Heart of Courage - a.k.a that awesome song in the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer - was just a crime, and I shall never forgive who was ever responsible.