Matt Damon is supposedly set to star in Alexander Payne's next film, Downsizing. And with that announcement, the long-delayed film is finally getting made. Thank god, because what we know about the project sounds kind of amazingly bonkers.

Photo credit: AP Images

According to Deadline, Damon's bowing out of Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall to take the role. We first got details about Downsizing back in 2009. At the time, Paul Giamatti was reportedly starring and Resse Witherspoon was playing his wife. Also in that version of the cast, Sacha Baron Cohen was playing twins, one normal sized and one quite small. If Damon's taking Giamatti's old part, all of this casting could be up in the air.


In 2012, Payne said that he wanted to make "about two more" films before tackling Downsizing, and dealing with "that time suck of pre-visualization and visual effects and all that kind of stuff." Payne had already pushed Downsizing back to make The Descendants and was still going to make Nebraska and an adaptation of Daniel Clowes' graphic novel Wilson before tackling all the work and budget necessary for Downsizing. But now Payne isn't making Wilson, so his old friend Downsizing is back on the docket.

From what few details there are out there, the plot of Downsizing sounds fabulously weird. Deadline describes it as "a social satire in which a guy realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself." Which is even less info than what was floating around in 2012, which is that he's shrinking himself to save money, and that his wife backs out of helping him shrink. The premise sounds like it would be a trip to see realized and, with yet another acclaimed film under his belt, maybe Payne can finally get this going.