Is Adam Driver the next Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode VII?

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The half creep, half hero male counterpart to Hannah in Girls is rumored to be playing a villain who's introduced in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars. Rumors suggest the character is "Darth Vader"-like. Because casting a young Vader worked out so well last time.

Not sure how to feel about this news, but Variety is reporting that Adam Driver is very close to signing on as the ongoing villain of the new Star Wars trilogy. "Exact details are unknown, but the character is said to be in the vein of iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader."

This isn't the first time Driver has been tied to the new Star Wars film, so we're pretty confident trusting in this rumor. And he was long rumored to be the new Nightwing in the Batman Vs. Superman movie, which he later flat out denied. Bottom line: Everybody wants this guy in their big budget movie. I like Driver, a lot. He'a a great actor and has a fantastic face plus he looks great on camera. However I'm not super thrilled about another young bad guy. Anakin has ruined me, possibly forever, on this. On a great note, this news gives me the excuse to post "Please Mr. Kennedy" from Inside Llewyn Davis. "OUTER.... SPACE!"

Star Wars Episode VII will be released December 18, 2015.

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You want a bad guy for a new Star Wars?

Go hire this guy and make him a Sith. Let him chew scenery with it.

You're welcome.