Is A Burrito A Sandwich?

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Sure, a burrito is delicious and filling — but is it a sandwich?

NPR's All Tech Considered is asking the tough questions today about just where on the food spectrum the burrito falls and, it turns out, it's not simply a question of taste. If a burrito is a sandwich, it's subject to the rules and regulations that govern the sale and construction of sandwiches (what we'll be calling from here on "sandwich law"). If a burrito is not a sandwich, though, then sandwich law simply does not apply.


So is a burrito a sandwich? The answer may depend on which jurisdiction you ask it in.

"A sandwich is a meat or poultry filling between two slices of bread, a bun or a biscuit," was the definition the USDA (whose regulations call for the inspection of the meat in a burrito, but not in sandwich) gave NPR. So not a sandwich. But not so fast, says New York, who has a special subcategory of sandwich law that regulates the taxation of sandwiches. And that, they are clear to specify, most certainly does include the burrito.


Make your own argument (sandwich, yay or nay?) in the comments now. And check out NPR's piece — which also details the 2006 trial which sought to clarify the burrito/sandwich question once and for all right here. (Spoiler: The burrito lost.)

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I imagine Sandwiches is the top level grouping, there are many subgroups:
—-Single Layer
—-Multi Layer
—Open Faced
—-'Hot' (eg turkey or roast beef)

Obviously an abbreviated list. Things get tricky when you try and categorize a Monte Cristo