Is 2009 The Year Of Sci-Fi Wolverine?

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It's not just in his movie that we'll get to see deadly X-Man Wolverine go scifi, apparently. Jason Aaron, writer of new series Wolverine: Weapon X promises the comic version may go that direction himself.

In the new series, launching in April, Aaron promises a Wolverine comic for people who don't read Wolverine comics:

This is a Wolverine series for people who've never read the character's adventures, who don't know anything about his long and complicated history. But hopefully it's something that will also appeal to hardcore fans who want to see Logan in less of a superhero setting... that aspect of the character is already being covered by lots of great writers. This series will be about exploring other genres. The first arc is a gritty, black-ops espionage tale. Future arcs will range from horror to even sci-fi.


Okay, we know that Wolverine came from a background of genetic experimentation and all, but I'm not sure what this new focus on sci-fi Wolverine is, or why we seem to have permanently abandoned Casablanca Wolverine. Although, admittedly, I'm kind of glad about that last one.

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