Iron Sky director's new comic movie stars a surly intergalactic bounty hunter (who isn't Lobo)

If you're getting tired of waiting for the long-rumored movie about DC's cigar-smoking, anti-heroic outer space bounty hunter Lobo, this might be good news - at least if you aren't too picky about which cigar-smoking, anti-heroic outer space bounty hunter comes to the big screen. The director of Moon-Nazis-Attack movie Iron Sky is adapting Alan Grant and Keith Giffin's comic Jeremiah Harm for the big screen, and the first test footage is above.


I haven't read the comic - which Boom Studios published in 2006 - but if the video that Finnish director Timo Vuorensola released is at all accurate, Harm is almost exactly like Lobo, except human and less likable. Since Grant and Giffin both wrote Lobo originally, I'm inclined to think that the original Harmcomic was pretty much supposed to be a Lobo tale told without DC's restrictions, and is probably pretty fun. I'd also guess that the fact that the movie can't seem to make Harm appealing despite his xenophobic douchebaggery is the director's fault.

Admittedly, that's mostly because I saw Vuorensola's first film, the Star Trek "parody" so hilariously titled Star Wreck - how did no one ever think of that before! Haw! - which was so dire I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Iron Sky yet (seriously, there's a reason the trailers show off the admittedly well-done FX but not a single line of dialogue).


Hey, Iron Sky may be great. And the Jermiah Harm comic may be bad. I don't know, so please feel free to educate me about either in the comments. All I know at the moment is that Star Wreck was awful and Jeremiah Harm looks like an asshole. That's what I'm working with.

[Via First Showing]

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I followed Iron Sky from its inception. Even picked up the dvd as soon as I could. Watched it and sold it the very next day. It was so bad I couldn't even laugh at it. I loved the way it looked but the movie was just so god awful I regret spending the money on it (trading it in got me a whopping $1.36). I have a feeling this guy is the next Uwe Boll in the worst possible way.