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When the Hulkbuster made its grand debut in Age of Ultron, Lego gave us a cool, but kinda tiny version of Stark’s most impressive suit. Now, ahead of the Hulkbuster’s return in Infinity War, Lego’s knocking it up another notch with a lavish, 9-inch-tall brick behemoth.

Revealed this morning at New York Toy Fair, the Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition includes 1,363 pieces, which makes up both the giant Hulkbuster itself, and a lavish display base that you can kit out with robot arms to make it look like one of Tony Stark’s own elaborate construction platforms at Stark Tower.


See the Iron Man mark 43 minifigure in there for scale? This new Hulkbuster is massive.

In addition to being absolutely ginormous, the Hulkbuster itself is fully articulated, including an opening head piece to slot Iron Man inside, a light up arc reactor in its chest, glow in the dark elements on the hands, and even a swappable left arm to replace the standard Hulkbuster fist with the jackhammer arm seen in Age of Ultron.


Suffice to say, if you were a little disappointed at how small the original Age of Ultron Hulkbuster set was, this improved version is for you. You don’t even have that long to wait for it—the new Lego Hulkbuster will hit Lego Store shelves starting on March 3, for $120.


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