Iron Man Will Kick Your Ass, Thor Will Surprise You, And Doctor Who May Be Totally Out Of Left Field

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Today we hear from Joe Quesada on Thor and Iron Man 2. There's a crazy new Doctor Who rumor and wild new clip. And True Blood's werewolf reveals all. Also, spoilers for Book of Eli, Legion, and Lost.


Iron Man 2

Marvel's Joe Quesada has seen a rough cut of the movie, and he's unsurprisingly effusive about the film, especially the role of War Machine:

"[Don] Cheadle is one of the greatest living American actors, what do you expect?" said Quesada of the actor playing War Machine's alter ego, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, in the blockbuster sequel. "I think fans are going to love it - especially fans of War Machine - and he does kick some major ass."



Quesada also talked about Kenneth Branagh's film, saying it won't be what we expect:

"It's going to be pretty epic, and regardless of what you think it's going to be, it's going to surprise people," he added. "It's an interesting piece for a superhero movie. It's going to change the conventions of the superhero movie."


Book of Eli

Here's a new TV spot for the post-apocalyptic film. [via Spoiler TV]

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Plus, we get tons of images of the bibliophile post-apocalypse. [ — Thanks Manu]



We get lots of killer angels and Frosty Treats guy in the latest TV spot for the religious Armageddon thriller. [via Spoiler TV]


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Doctor Who

The Master has the Doctor all tied up in this clip from "The End of Time, Part Two." [Blogtor Who]

And here's a rumor we're calling shenanigans on. A reader wrote in claiming that a BBC source "who has ALWAYS been right about Doctor Who spoilers" says that the Doctor will not regenerate at "The End of Time." And he's calling the new season a sort of reboot, with the Matt Smith Doctor actually being the First Doctor. It's an interesting thought, but we've already seen tons of set pics showing Matt Smith wearing David Tennant's costume, plus reports on the TARDIS getting a makeover and Tennant's sonic screwdriver exploding and being replaced. So it seems clear that Tennant's Doctor almost definitely regenerates into Smith's Doctor, in spite of Russell T. Davies' hints to the contrary. Just in case you see this rumor circulating elsewhere.



E! is still playing their game where they list a bunch of spoilers and only one is true. This one involves Ilana and the survivors of Ajira Flight 316. Once again, bear in mind that only one of the following spoilers is true:

1. They were sent by Charles Widmore to kill Ben.
2. They were sent by the Man in Black (Jacob's nemesis) to find the island's time travel mechanism and destroy it.
3. They were sent to protect Jacob.
4. They were sent to revive John Locke.
5. Ilana is future Sayid in drag.


Apparently, we'll find out which one is true fairly early in the season. [E!]

True Blood

The werewolf Alcide is primed to throw a wrench into this Sookie/Eric/Bill love triangle business. Joe Magnaniello says it hasn't been decided how much the True Blood Alcide will resemble the character from the books, but we do know he's a physically large presence, strong and protective from a construction background. And his living flesh and blood and his ability to radiate heat, will prove incredibly enticing to Sookie after her experiences with chilly vampires. [EW]


The Sarah Jane Adventures

Russell T. Davies has officially confirmed that the show will return for a fourth series. [Planet Gallifrey]


Clone Wars

The New Year's Eve episodes will give us plenty of General Grievous. In the first episode "Grievous Intrigue:"

General Grievous emerges from the shadows to stir up trouble for the Jedi heroes, ensnaring them in a trap that threatens their mission and their lives. It's a deadly game – and the scheming Separatist cyborg doesn't plan on playing by the rules!


In the second episode, "The Deserter," we will see clones pit against each other in an idealogical battle.


Just why is Zatanna kissing Clark in the promo for "Warrior?" It's not clear yet, but you can bet that Lois is less than pleased. In that same episode, which takes place at Comic Con, Lois will be in costume — possibly superhero-themed. [Fancast]



Zachary Levi talks more about the new season. [Chuck TV]

Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder and Charlie Jane Anders.



the Doctor will not regenerate at "The End of Time."

I actually think this bit may be true. But yes, I think he will definitely regenerate, and into Matt Smith, maybe within the first episode of the next season.

Remember, we have River Song coming up, who is in the Doctor's 'future', and the events in The Library were her future, his past. So, if she's popping up in Matt Smith's season, it stands to reason that Matt Smith is the NEXT Doctor, not theFIRST Doctor.

(although maybe he goes mental in the regeneration and thinks he's the first... OR... he pulls a 'Master' and somehow rebootos his regenerations so that he's back to Regen 1, instead of Regen 11? Hmmm... that machine in "End of Time" seems to hint at 'healing'... something to ponder.

As for Zatana kissing Clark... Lois may not be pleased, but Clark better be! YOWZA!