Iron Man Videogame Takes Synergy To New Level

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For fans of Marvel's tin-plated superhero Iron Man, Sega's tie-in to next year's Iron Man 2 movie may be the best videogame tie-in ever. The reason? It's being written by comic writer Matt Fraction... who also worked on the movie.


Although the screenplay for Jon Favreau's much-anticipated sequel was written by Justin Theroux, Fraction - who, in addition to the monthly Invincible Iron Man series, also writes the Uncanny X-Men comic for Marvel - consulted on the story in its early stages, and spoilers suggest that the movie may follow the comics' development of Gwyneth Paltrow into a superhero of her own. Fraction calls the IM2 game "something wholly unique," explaining,

[It's] a story that exists at the crossroads of the comics I write, the film universe I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to, and a wholly immersive interactive experience like this game... Writing a game presents an entirely new challenge, where the player engages with the world, with the big and small aspects of the place and characters. They're a coconspirator in the narrative. I hope it's as exciting and challenging to play as it was to write.

With a storyline about the abuse of Stark's Iron Man technology, the game will include characters who haven't yet appeared in the movie universe, including the much-anticipated Crimson Dynamo. This crossover between movies, comics and games is the latest step in Marvel's corporate synergy, which has previously included Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis working on the videogame of the character and created a short-lived MTV cartoon based on his take, in addition to the fabled Marvel Brain Trust of comic creators involved with plot decisions on Marvel Studios movies.

Sega's Iron Man 2 game will be released in Spring next year, ahead of the May release of the movie.

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Hooray for the story, but the real question is will this game play better than the first movie's video game tie-in, which was a horrible disappointment. I know licensed games are almost always crap, but come on, let's break the mold and surprise people already...