Iron Man takes the lead during the premiere of Avengers Assemble!

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This week in the world of cartoons, Princess Bubblegum goes on a date, Starfire kills Beast Boy, and we get a look at the series premiere of Avengers Assemble!

TMNT is delayed for a couple of weeks, while Ultimate Spider-Man and Gravity Falls continue their unusual hiatus. I'm guessing Ultimate Spider-Man will return in July to correspond with the regular run of Avengers Assemble. As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Transformers: Prime – "Chain of Command"

The promotion of Ultra Magnus to second command is causing controversy within the Autobot camp, but the good 'bots don't have much time to argue. At least one predacon has surfaced, so the Autobots head to Scotland to look for more predacon fossils.


Adventure Time – "The Suitor"

Princess Bubblegum takes the spotlight in this episode. Peppermint Butler sifts through the hundreds of men looking to take the princess on a date in hopes of finding a proper suitor - a suitor that will get her out of the laboratory.

Check out this clip for a look at Braco, a suitor that inherited his place in line from his dead father. I like this fella.

Regular Show – "Cool Cubed"

Thomas the Intern returns this week - he is chugging a slushie dubbed the "Cool Cubed" in order to get the biggest brain freeze ever and thus earn respect from Mordecai & Rigs. Thomas might have died in the process.


Teen Titans Go! – "Ghostboy"

Starfire kills Beast Boy! Not, not really, although some viewers might not mind. Beast Boy uses this unusual situation to play a series of tricks on an extremely gullible Starfire, while the rest of the Teen Titans attempt to convince Beast Boy that he is dead. We only get one new episode of Teen Titans Go! this week, as the second half of the time-slot is a repeat.


Avengers Assemble – "Avengers Protocol Part 1 & 2"

The hour long premiere of Avengers Assemble takes place Sunday on DisneyXD, with the series beginning its regular run in July. If you've been missing your dose of Marvel cartoons (or action cartoons in general), check out the hour long preview Sunday, which features Iron Man re-uniting the Avengers to take on the Red Skull.

The clips convey a changing of the guard in the Marvel Universe, as Tony Stark comes across as the leader of the Avengers instead of Captain America. Is this a smart move? I think so, but we'll see if role develops in the series premiere Sunday.


Top image courtesy of Marvel and DisneyXD. Adventure Time and Regular Show air Monday nights on Cartoon Network. Transformers: Prime airs on The Hub. Teen Titans Go! airs Tuesday nights and Saturdays on Cartoon Network. Avengers Assemble premiere this Sunday, with the series starting its official run this July on DisneyXD.


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I said it earlier and I'm gonna say it again: the Avengers Assemble is a fucking insult to Marvel fans. All it is, I repeat ALL IT IS is a (not well-hidden) attempt to cash in on the success of the film(s). It copies such a huge amount of the films, be it the stupid trailer with the exact same intro Tony gave in the Avengers or the fact that like the movies, Tony is now front and center.
I'd be okay with a cash-in attempt if said attempt would be of good quality but ho-ly shit does this look like crap.