Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Morning spoilers is dedicated to destroying suspense. But we also give the occasional inkling about whether upcoming movies or TV shows will suck. Does Robert Downey Jr. look studly as Tony Stark in Iron Man? Will the Napoleon Dynamite-esque humor of vagina dentata movie Teeth thrill or annoy you? Find out below. But also, we have details about Matt "Cloverfield" Reeves' next movie, Star Trek and Terminator 4.

  • Director Matt Reeves' next project after Cloverfield? The Invisible Woman, also produced by J.J. Abrams. First we don't get to see his monster, and then he creates a woman we can't see at all. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • John Connor will have a fiancee, Kate Brewster, who helps him build his resistance movement against the machines in Terminator 4. And someone definitely turns out to be a traitor with a dark secret. [Production Charts]
  • The outside of the Enterprise will look more or less like the original in the new Star Trek movie. But the interior will look totally different, set designer Dawn Brown says. If you go into the movie with no preconceptions, you "may" enjoy it, she adds. [SyFy Portal]
  • The first episode of Jericho season two takes place four weeks after the end of season one, under a truce with New Bern. Someone (I'm guessing Heather) comes back with new info about the outside world, Stanley gets a startling offer, and Consantino "best sleep with one eye open." Also, Hawkins has a meeting that could affect the fate of what's left of America. (I'm guessing that's where he says the stuff in the trailer about stopping Valente, the ringleader of the terrorist squad. [Ask Ausiello]
  • If you're still wondering Jessi XX survived her cliff dive, the second episode of the next Kyle XY block features her free of Madacorp and trying to have a normal life at school. But her awesome powers and special bond with Kyle only add to her teen angst. [SpoilerTV]
  • The Jan. 25 Stargate Atlantis episode features Sheppard and McKay featuring a princess on her rite of passage. [SpoilerTV again]
  • Four new clips from Teeth, the vagina dentata movie, show that a total dork has a crush on the main character, who has a super-annoying stepbrother. Teeth is out in limited release Jan. 18. [ShockTillYouDrop]
  • Not much of a spoiler, but oh dear. Summer Glau's Terminator in The Sarah Connor Chronicles is more delicate than other Terminators and acts emotional even though she doesn't feel anything, says Glau. []
  • Get your first glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. trying out his hand repulsors in Iron Man. [Slashfilm]