Iron Man Rolls With The Punches In Red-Hot New Storyboards And Set Video!

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Did our early glimpses of bondage-harnessed Whiplash dampen your enthusiasm for Iron Man 2? Let some new storyboard art, which shows Iron Man going full-on ninja, recharge your chest battery of hope. Plus a new set video shows crazy stunts.

These storyboard images come from artist John Mann, who's worked on movies like Mars Attacks and Star Trek: First Contact in the past. Writes Mann:

I am contractually obligated to not show any image here that might compromise the story or designs of iron man 2 until the film is released. therefore what you will see here are obvious little snippets that aren't tied to any concepts or designs...enjoy!


Still, the storyboards give a tantalizing glimpse of some things, including sight's locked on someone, Tony's eyes panicking inside the Iron Man shell, Mickey Rourke going bonkers, the movie's women having a confrontation, and some kind of crazy crowd scene. Oh, and a hot rod, probably from the racetrack sequence. Most of all, Iron Man looks pretty damn limber in some of these images.

And here's a lengthy video showcasing a visit to the movie's set by France's Canal Plus, including some glimpses of how Tony's workshop has changed, and your first look at Tony's newest invention, a basement particle accelerator that goes up the driveway. (Don't worry, it's only in French for the first minute or so.) Robert Downey Jr. talks about the pressure of creating a worthy sequel, and his efforts to get more martial-arts action in the second film. And there are some new glimpses of wild stunts, and race-car action. And is Black Widow wearing Iron Man's repulsor glove in one shot? Jon Favreau makes for a hilarious tour guide to the new world of Tony Stark:

More images at the first link. [John Mann via ComicBookMovie, Video via AceShowbiz]

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I hate French show. They can even speak French correctly. Come on, a set is a "plateau" in French, not a "set" pronounced in a crappy accent. And then it's me, the Quebecer, Who's accused of not speaking French correctly