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Iron Man Meets His End In November

Illustration for article titled Iron Man Meets His End In November

Click to viewJust in time for the DVD version of Iron Man's origins hitting stores, Marvel Comics are planning to show you how Tony Stark's crime-fighting career concludes with the November-released Iron Man: The End by fan-favorite IM creators Bob Layton and David Michelinie. Find out how long Stark plans to use his repulsor rays before rusting, and see some more preview art from the comic, under the jump.


Co-writer and inker Layton (Michelinie scripts the comic, and Bernard Chang pencils) explained the idea behind the comic on his website:

Decades in the future, a 70+ Tony Stark is overseeing his ultimate project of his lauded career-the completion of Earth's first commercial space elevator, whose inauguration will change the world's economy and the future of space exploration forever. However, not everyone is looking forward to this project's launch with the same enthusiasm as the head of Stark Universal. Sinister forces are at work, behind-the-scenes, to insure that Stark's pinnacle scientific achievement ends in disaster.


Damn, Tony looks good for someone over 70.

Iron Man: The End Preview []

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"Oy, you wouldn't believe how much this suit hurts my back. And these kids, they don't know a repulsor ray from a laser beam. Oy, I tell you, flying isn't so much fun when you have the gout. And I come home a litttttle late and the wife is like "you're always out flying! you're always out flying!" Does it matter that I beat The Mandarin? NOOOOO. And then The Mandarin wants a ride home because he can't see so well at night anymore. So I give him a ride home. Does he even say "thank you" or "have a good night." NO! All I hear is complaints, complaints. Achk. You're making me very tired. It takes a long time to get this suit off at my age. Did I mention what The Mandarin did after I beat him?"