It's not all it's cracked up to be, being an astronaut. Sure, you have those whole "going into space" and "exploring final frontiers" things going on, but think about what you miss while you're orbiting the rest of humanity: Your friends, your family, and the latest movie releases. Now, thanks to the kindness of Marvel Comics, one of those three things is no longer the case - but which one? The metal-clad, answer awaits you under the jump.

In a story that's part-heartwarming and part-"Seriously, he's not got anything better to do with his time?", Marvel revealed yesterday that one already-minor-celebrity NASA astronaut has made the International Space Station into his very own movie theater:

Astronaut Garrett Reisman, currently orbiting Earth in the International Space Station (ISS), apparently couldn't wait to get back home to see "Iron Man." So, he'll be watching a copy of the film being beamed up the ISS for his viewing pleasure!

Reisman, a 40-year-old New Jersey native serving as a flight engineer on Expedition 17 to the ISS, will return to Earth aboard the Space Shuttle in June (maybe just in time for "The Incredible Hulk's" June 13 opening!).


Firstly, if Reisman's name seems familiar, it's because you may have seen him talk to Stephen Colbert and expanding the Colbert Nation into the Colbert Universe; apparently he's got a really good agent for a 40-year-old New Jersey native robot-arm-specialist. Secondly, I hope that this starts a whole new trend of cosmic Netflixing for spacefarers; I can't wait for the news that space-cabin fever to be exacerbated by an argument over the fact that the only entertainment available is a midnight showing of PS I Love You.

Iron Man rockets into space - For real []