Iron Man Fan Film Looks Good To Go

We've already told you about five fan films that blew us away. With more Iron Man on the horizon, a reader (thanks Clive!) has let us know about this fan film featuring the other Man of Steel that looks pretty snazzy. It not only includes Ms. Marvel, the Black Widow, Nick Fury, and a decidedly non-Asian, curly-headed Mandarin, but it doesn't relegate Pepper Potts to her traditional "Oh, Tony!" role.


David Guivant is an aspiring production artist by day, and a fan filmaholic by night. What's more impressive is that he made this trailer for a fictional Iron Man television series using Apple's iMovie software and Adobe Photoshop for the 2D special effects that look like they were rendered in 3D. It's been a two year labor of love for the resident of New Caledonia (a tiny island between New Zealand and Australia) which really showcases the power of doing it yourself.

Now, if these characters only had some actual lines... we'd think he might be onto something.

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Iron Man, despite being a refreshing respite from all of those other, regularly dressed man characters, always looked too plain. He appeared less of a man, and more of some kind of strange iron Golem. They should have left Iron Man's arms exposed, or something...