Iron Man Dazzles Effects Professionals

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The superhero movie of 2008 was The Dark Knight, right? Not if you're a member of the Visual Effects Society, who this weekend gave five nominations to Iron Man in their annual VES Awards.


The Award nominations were announced Saturday, and Iron Man's five nominations — for best visual effects in a visual effects-driven movie, best single visual effect of the year, outstanding animated character in a live-action movie, outstanding models and miniatures in a feature, and outstanding special effects in a movie — means that it leads the pack in terms of recognition from the visual effects world.

Other movies to receive nominations include Hellboy II, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Cloverfield and, of course, Wall-E, with Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica recognized in the television categories. The award ceremony is February 21st in Century City.


'Iron Man' tops VES Awards nominees [Hollywood Reporter]

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Jack B. Quick

Hellboy 2 truly was amazing. Too bad they chose to deviate so far from the books - it left me really torn whether to be able to distance myself from the source material to enjoy it for its wonderful own qualities, or be annoyed at how much differed from the comics I love.

I lovehate it. With a vengeance.

Not sure if Iron Man was the best visual film of the year, though, it seems kind of strange to me with so many pieces of eye-candy to choose from. Personally I was ecstatic over Speed Racer, but I notice they'd rather give props to Forrest Gump 2: The Backwards Agening (i.e. Brad Pitt looking like the Doctor after the Master had him tiny-aged, and paraphrasing Forrest for 2 hours) than that stunning piece of popcandy art. Feh.

Nice to see Doctor Who given a nod, though!