Iron Man Casting Call, Lost Clips, And Patrick Stewart's X-Men Future Past

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Thursday is for spoilers! We've got an Iron Man 2 casting call, and clips from Lost, The Crazies, Fringe, Wolfman, Chuck and Clone Wars. Patrick Stewart talks X-Men: First Class. Plus Doctor Who, Avatar 2, Supernatural, Smallville and Caprica spoilers.

Iron Man 2:

Obviously this film is still doing some post-production and overdubs, since they put out a casting call for a voice actor who can perform as a French "race commentator." This has to be a native French speaker with "experience doing French sports commentary." And presumably, it's for the bit where Tony Stark drives a race car and has a run in with Whiplash, which coincidentally would be the perfect name for a supervillain who'd been in a car accident. [Casting call]


Also, Don Cheadle confirms that there are no plans for a War Machine spin-off movie at all — but he expects to star in some more comics, coming up. (I'm probably the only person in the universe who liked the War Machine team book, The Crew.)[IGN]

Avatar 2:

"Nobody's ever really dead in a science-fiction movie," says James Cameron, who hasn't written a sequel script yet, but has an outline. He's had some technical discussions. [IndieWire]

X-Men: First Class:

Even though he has portrayed a younger Professor X (in X3's flashbacks as well as Wolverine), Patrick Stewart is pretty sure he won't be in this prequel/reboot, since they will want a younger Professor X and Magneto. [TrekMovie]


The Crazies:

Here's the Superbowl TV spot, showing up online a tad early. [IGN]
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The Wolfman:

You know what would make this film seem more gothic and Eastern European? Serbian TV spots:

Admit it, you want to go watch this film in Serbia now.

Doctor Who:

The first episodes of the new season will be "The Eleventh Hour," "The Beast Below" and "Victory Of The Daleks." But still no airdates, blast it. According to Doctor Who Magazine's chat with Steven Moffat, it's official that Arthur Darvill joins the cast in that first episode as Rory, Sophie Okonedo stars in the second episode, and episode three features Bill Patterson and Ian McNeice. And yes, Alex Kingston is back as River Song in episodes four and five, and Tony Curran plays Vincent Van Gogh in episode 10.
[Gallifrey News Base]



Here are some clips and new promos from next Tuesday's Kate-centric episode, "What Kate Does". [OnTheFlix and SpoilersLost]

In this next episode, Kate's on the run, while Jack is tasked with something that could endanger a friend's life. Also, Sawyer throws the engagement ring he bought for Juliet into the ocean. []


Producers Lindelof and Cuse were on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, and among other things, they said it was fate that Michael and Walt weren't on the plane this time around. It also wasn't a coincidence that Shannon wasn't on board, but they hope we'll see Shannon this year. It was also "completely intentional" that Jack is jittery this time around, and that he spills his drink and was given one fewer bottle. We'll see a lot more of "the numbers" in the next few weeks, and something is indeed inhabiting the body of Sayid. And the lasagna Kate ate on the plane was vegetarian. [On The Red Carpet]

Here are some tips from an anonymous source — as usual, grains of salt are indicated. Hurley speaks to a dead person from Richard's past, and has a message to pass along to Richard — it's a huge tearjerker along the lines of when we first meet Bernard and he learns that Rose is okay. The Man In Black has a "true nemesis," and it's not Jacob.


Desmond has a huge episode called "Happily Ever After," and his "flash-sideways" features Charlie, Daniel Faraday, Penny, Eloise, Jack, Widmore and Claire. And Desmond finally gets to share some of that famous Scotch with Widmore. But sadly, Desmond has to make a huge sacrifice.

Also, in the Hurley episode, "Everybody Loves Hugo," Michael's a ghost on the island. And Libby and Hurley date in the alt-universe. Where Locke gets run over. Poor Locke. [SpoilersLost]


Jo Garfein from Jopinionated got to tour some filming locations in Oahu and noticed what appeared to be a freshly constructed replica of the Ajira Airways plane — leading her to speculated that maybe someone (Flocke?) repairs the plane to get off the island and go "home." Both Ben and Frank know the coordinates to fly out of there safely, after all. Also, she noticed what seemed to be a freshly dug gravesite near Mr. Eko's church. More pics at the link. [Doc Arzt]

And here are a few more set pics, showing "Constellation Tower," and the chairs where Desmond and Claire are sitting in one scene. [SpoilersLost]


Elizabeth Mitchell says her next appearance as Juliet will probably be towards the end of the season, since she won't film those scenes until she's done filming V. (Although I thought she'd already filmed more than just the stuff we just saw?) She says we'll probably see who Juliet was inviting to coffee, but she doesn't know who that is yet. [TV Guide]

It may be significant that Sayid was "saved" the same way Ben was after Sayid shot him — by being taken to the temple. And afterwards, Ben was "never the same again." So don't be too hopeful for Sayid's future. On a possibly related note, Claire and Sayid have something big in common. Also, after you see the first 10 minutes of Tuesday's episode, you'll have a much clearer idea of what the final season is leading up to — and it may involve a battle. Someone we thought was dead will reappear (Claire?) and his/her reappearance will have your head spinning with the implications for our heroes. Also, someone pops up in L.A. that we didn't know was coming back, and it's stunning. And finally, next week Kate gets a tender moment with Jack and a revealing moment with Sawyer. [E! Online]



There are three clips from Thursday's "Winter finale," which is a fancy way of saying the show's off the air for a couple months or so.

And yes, Peter and Olivia have a near-date and an almost-kiss... before Olivia returns from Jacksonville, the site of Walter and William's experiments on her, with a revelation about Peter. Also, if the show gets a third season, we'll see more of Astrid's life and get some Astrid-centric episodes. [EW]



Ben Edlund wrote some messed-up and gross stuff for next week's Valentine's Day episode. And the 100th episode, airing April 15, is called "Point Of No Return." [BuddyTV]


Also, in episode 5x19, we'll meet another legendary figure, this time from a non-Judeo-Christian mythos:

[KALI] (20-30's).. A beautiful Indian woman, wearing stilettos, pencil skirt and a low cut top, she looks like the hottest lawyer you've ever seen. Intimidating, calm, powerful, always in control, sensual with a sensitive side, but can be deadly when she wants something. She' is a leader with plans and the determination to put them in place.




Esai Morales says the season finale script left him sobbing. And Joseph Adama and Daniel Graystone may have to set aside their differences at some point and work together. Also, there's an upcoming episode called "Adamarama" (really!) that goes into the relationship between Joseph and Sam, and the actors who play the two brothers as little kids are fantastic. [AOL Inside TV]



One of my fave characters is coming back — Julia Ling confirmed via Twitter she'll reappear as Anna Wu. [ChuckTV]


Someone's going to learn Chuck's secret soon, and even join Chuck on a mission — and it's someone you'd expect, after Monday's episode. [EW]

And here's a sneak peek at Monday's episode:


Michael Shanks (Hawkman) says the fall of the JSA was similar to The Incredibles, with the heroes being blacklisted at all. Carter Hall has taken on a sort of caretaker role with Kent Nelson, due to survivor's guilt at being among the last few remaining JSA members. Hawkman alludes to a history with Hawkgirl, that's like a weight around his neck, but doesn't go into specifics. [Newsarama]


The show's Valentine's Day-themed episode, airing Feb. 19, features Lois dancing in a wedding dress, plus a Chloe-Tess catfight. [EW]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

The next episode showcases a woman from Obi-Wan Kenobi's past — turns out that as a young Jedi, he had a relationship that could have turned into love, but he apparently gave it up for Jedi-hood. Here are a couple clips and some images. [LucasFilm]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.

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