Iron Man and Thanos Get a Rematch in This Goofy Action Figure Epic

Iron Man, ready to go.
Iron Man, ready to go.
Image: Marvel Studios

Iron Man v. Thanos didn’t go, like, great in Avengers: Infinity War. But maybe Tony could take another shot at the big purple guy, do it right?


That’s the premise of this stop-motion action video by lozaus1, who has a whole series of superhero adventures starring his house and action figures. In this one, Thanos has disintegrated half the population of the house, like, y’know, he does, and while Tony may not be able to stop Thanos, he’s damn sure going to avenge that living room.

It’s skillful work, definitely a stand out in the field of making my childhood hobby of forcing action figures to fight into viewable entertainment. Check it out.

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That was moderately neato.