Iron Man 3 Included A Major Shout-Out To Man-Thing!

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Iron Man 3 isn't just the movie where Tony Stark blows up a few dozen suits for a romantic gesture — it's also our first glimpse of another Marvel character, Man-Thing!


SuperPunch pointed out a very interesting fact that we completely blanked on. The the female AIM agent (played by Stephanie Szostak) is named Ellen Brandt. And that's the name of Man-Thing's wife in the comics. She even has the same scar on her face.

Man-Thing was originally a scientist doing plant-based experiments, who is eventually betrayed by his wife (they fight, hence the scar) and she leaves to join AIM. This isn't terribly new news — Next Movie spotted this last year. But hey, it was new to us, so why not share? So we've met Man-Thing's wife, and glimpsed the aftermath to the movie version of his origin story.


Technically, Lionsgate owns the rights to Man-Thing, so it's probably not official that this was Man-Thing... but it totally was Man-Thing.

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Sure, Lionsgate has the rights to regular-size Man-Thing. But what about GIANT-SIZE Man-Thing?

Also, where Man-Thing goes, can Howard the Duck be far behind?