Iron Man 3 isn't just the movie where Tony Stark blows up a few dozen suits for a romantic gesture ‚ÄĒ it's also our first glimpse of another Marvel character, Man-Thing!

SuperPunch pointed out a very interesting fact that we completely blanked on. The the female AIM agent (played by Stephanie Szostak) is named Ellen Brandt. And that's the name of Man-Thing's wife in the comics. She even has the same scar on her face.


Man-Thing was originally a scientist doing plant-based experiments, who is eventually betrayed by his wife (they fight, hence the scar) and she leaves to join AIM. This isn't terribly new news ‚ÄĒ Next Movie spotted this last year. But hey, it was new to us, so why not share? So we've met Man-Thing's wife, and glimpsed the aftermath to the movie version of his origin story.

Technically, Lionsgate owns the rights to Man-Thing, so it's probably not official that this was Man-Thing... but it totally was Man-Thing.