Iron Man 2's War Machine Unveiled (Almost)

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Is the toy tease of Iron Man 2's second armored superhero a mistake, or the latest in a series of glimpses meant to get us excited about next summer's Marvel Studios sequel? And if it's the latter, does it work?

Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston notices that the latest issue of Diamond Distributors' monthly catalog Previews includes an ad for a War Machine action figure "based on the stunning Iron Man 2 designs!" But while the main image, showing the full armor, has been blacked out, a close up of James Rhodes inside the suit hasn't. As Rich says,

This is not design art, this is not a leaked plan, this is not some fan made project, not a brief blur on a leaked trailer, this is a full-on glimpse at what War Machine will actually look like.

Illustration for article titled Iron Man 2s War Machine Unveiled (Almost)

Well, kind of. We cant really see that much; only part of the helmet and the silhouette, both of which suggests that the armor may look not unlike the original War Machine armor from the 1990s. But if this is meant to be some kind of tease to get fans excited about the movie, we're of the opinion that it falls short of working: Beyond confirming that James Rhodes will get to be War Machine in the second movie, this doesn't really tell us anything - and given that we've already seen photos of the Black Widow and Whiplash already, this feels more like leftovers than an exciting appetizer. But what do you think?

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Oh that cover you have linked to. Pure 90's comic-book philosophy: "bigger, badder, more violent, more stupid. Warghhh." In its essence, War Machine is a pure 90's character: a replacement superhero that is more "edgy", more violent. Just like US Agent, Ben Reilly, Azrael, Steel, etc.

Hope the movie downplay this 90's elements and present more like a soldier version of Iron Man: focused, single-minded, no-nonsense.