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A few more details are leaking out from the Iron Man 2 trailer besides what comic book story line the movie may be using. It seems Black Widow's true allegiance may have been leaked. Check out the spoilery reveal.


The eagle eyed folks over at Slashfilm pointed out a major detail from the new Iron Man 2 trailer. It seems that for a split second in the new trailer Black Widow exposes a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge on her catsuit. The badge was previously removed from any official stills, as it would expose the secret of who she is and why she's working inside Stark's company. Here's the picture...

Illustration for article titled Iron Man 2s Black Widows Secret Alliances Revealed

When we spoke with Scarlett Johansson back in the comic con the actresses played especially coy about her character's ties in the film.

What is your relationship to the other characters in the film?

Well I'll tell you that um, my character... there are two sides to my character. She's a bit of a shape shifter, I suppose. There's a side of the character that's kind of demure and covert - I wouldn't say that she's submissive, but she's blending in to the Stark Industries [team, as an assistant]. Then the other part of the character is a really aggressive, bad-ass character, that is sure of herself and is going to kick the shit out of you if you get in her way. So that's as about as much as I can tell you, and how that relates to the other characters.

I'm curious as to how your character balances out Whiplash and the other villains. A lot of people are saying two villains is too many, what does your character bring?

We don't know whether the character is villainous. She does have a dark past, and she is very seductive and distracting. We are not sure exactly where she's coming from, and what her intentions are, I'm not saying that will all be revealed. But there are a lot of characters in this movie, and a lot of new characters. And it is a balancing act. I think that between the huge explosive action, the romance, the battle of good versus evil - even within one's self - there's a nice balance between all of us. And I think fans will be excited to be taken down all these different journeys. They all really play into one another, and it doesn't feel like a lot of different films coming together. It feels like an ensemble. And you know, who can have too many villains?

In the comics your character works with Sam Jackson, do you have any scenes with Sam?

Um, I have worked with Sam Jackson.

She kept a tight lid on the plot details there, but this assumption seems to go along with comic books, and the "duality" issues that Scarjo is talking about above. Not a huge surprise, but a welcomed addition that keeps in canon with the comics.


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