Illustration for article titled Iron Man 2 Trailer Clues: All The Armored Action, Plus ScarJos Crotch Attack

We ripped through the new Iron Man 2 trailer, pulling out details and combing for clues. Plus check out Robert Downey Jr.'s reactions to the way Mickey Rourke got into character for Whiplash: by holding up pictures of dead pets.


At the Jimmy Kimmel Show Robert Downey Jr. revealed a few details as to how Mickey Rourke got into character — apparently he went a little method on the crew. We really hope he went full Wesley Snipes method, and walked around with an accent trying to whip people. But so far, all that's been revealed was that he looked at pictures of dead pets to get angry — oh, and he made the director hold them up like flash cards. Crazy, we love it.


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