Iron Man 2 To Focus On Tony Stark: Be Afraid

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It should be no surprise that Iron Man 2 will follow up on Tony Stark's announcement that he is the armored hero at the end of the first movie. Here's hoping that's a good thing.


Talking to MTV's Splash Page blog, Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux explained that Stark's outing of his secret identity at the end of the first movie will play a major role in the second:

The obvious thing to improve upon — well, it’s not even an improvement it’s just something to embrace — which is that he’s now a hero that lives in the real world. That’s unique... Yeah, it’s something that we’ve made a real decision to run towards rather than away from.


Maybe this is my jaded comic-reading self speaking here, but while having a public identity may make him unique in superhero movies, it's been done many times before in the comics (more than once by Tony Stark himself) , and... well, it almost never ends well. Sure, there's more leeway to make it work in a movie franchise that doesn't feel the need to constantly up the ante on a monthly basis, but even so; almost superhero who's ever revealed his identity in the comics has, through many an unlikely plot device, ended up with a secret identity again sooner rather than later. If the end of Iron Man 2 sees Stark realize for whatever convoluted reason that life as an internationally-known weapons maker is much safer than life as an internationally-known superhero, then I'll be the one in the theater shouting "bullshit" at the screen over and over again.

‘Iron Man 2’ Screenwriter Insists Theme Of Sequel Will Be Identity [MTV Splash Page]

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