Iron Man 2: It's The Alcoholic Iron Man Story!

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Are we jumping to wrong conclusions by linking recent leaks about the Iron Man sequel and thinking that it really is the start, at least, of the boozy Tony story? Maybe... but we doubt it.


The facts are these, as Jim Dale used to say: First, we had Robert Downey Jr.'s cryptic comments that the heavy metal sequel will not be what we're expecting:

The enemy comes from within... It's very very much about, it's one thing to say you're Iron Man, it's another thing to understand that responsibility. And, if that sounds like a familiar theme, trust me, it's not.This film is three times more fun... and strange [than you'd expect]. Like, it used to be, my weird thing was "Can everyone siddown" at press conferences, and people were like "Boy, Robert's really doing some strange stuff." We're going real far out in this one.


And now we hear that the first prop to be built for the movie is a toilet. For Tony Stark to be sick in.

So, was Downey's comment about his former "strange stuff" a veiled addiction reference? Is this second movie going to be all about Tony turning to drink when he can't deal with life as a superhero and the CEO of Stark Industries? It's beginning to seem that way... although we'll be amused if it's all a swerve and the toilet vomiting comes as the result of some villainous plot from the Black Widow, whoever ends up playing her.

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Is Iron Man going to drink his namesake?

From the 'tubes:

"The ingredients for the Iron Man shot are green Chartreuse, Sambuca, scotch, tequila, and hot sauce."