Iron Man 2 Invades The Internet

Now that Comic-Con's over and (some of) the world has seen preview footage, there's only one thing left for Iron Man 2 to do to prepare for next summer: Take over the internet. Virals? Behind-the-scene reports? Check, and check.

Attendees to San Diego Comic-Con may have found themselves accosted by very friendly corporate scouts at the Marvel booth last week, being told that they were perfect recruitment material for Stark Industries, and being given business cards directing them to this website, which - as well as Tony Stark's note to the world about what Stark Industries is (not) doing nowadays, also lets you apply for a job with an online interview asking such questions as "A plane flying past a non-moving observer has kinetic energy in the reference frame of this observer, the same plane has how much kinetic energy in the reference frame which moves with the plane?" and "What is your greatest hope for human kind?" (It also mentions something called "intelecrop technology" - a hint for the new movie, perhaps...?). Applicants receive the message "THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN STARK INDUSTRIES. WE WILL CONTACT YOU IF YOUR SKILLS MEET OUR REQUIREMENTS," meaning that we'll be checking our inboxes for new material momentarily.


In the meantime, Marvel's website can keep you occupied with three behind-the-scenes reports about the movie, dropping hints about what to expect next summer, including War Machine, the (re)discovery of a new element - which may or may not be related to the work of Tony Stark's father during the Manhattan Project - and Jon Favreau talking about what happens after Stark's public announcement that he is Iron Man at the end of the first movie:

What would really happen if you do that? How do your enemies and friends react? How much attention do you draw to yourself? Fame in general has a good side and bad side…You get tremendous adulation and you become bigger than life in some sort of ways; and in other ways, you become John Lennon. He's definitely living under pressure but he's not introverted.

And all of this almost a year before the movie comes out. Can you imagine what it'll be just before May 7th, 2010?


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