Iron Fist Unleashes a Badass Colleen Wing Fight Scene to Make You Like It Again

Image: Patrick Harbron/Netflix
Image: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Yesterday, Marvel released an Iron Fist trailer which was mostly only okay. But Iron Fist has a secret weapon and it’s Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). And Marvel knows it, because it has just released a scene of Colleen kicking ass, and suddenly we’re liking Iron Fist significantly more than we did yesterday.

In the comics, Colleen is a talented martial artist who, along with her professor father, meets up with Iron Fist in New York. They become friends and allies and she avenges the death of her grandfather with his help. Colleen is also a member of the Daughters of the Dragon with Misty Knight, which we’re all hoping makes its way into the Netflix line-up.

The clip Netflix has released shows Colleen in a cage fight. Why is she in a cage fight? Don’t know. Does she dominate in it? Of course. We’ve actually seen the rest of this fight, and she’s unreasonably good in it. That said, when we saw it it also didn’t have any music yet, and it was better that way.

Also, in contrast to how most Netflix Marvel heroes spend whole seasons getting their actual iconic costumes, Colleen starts right out in white. Shame it doesn’t appear Danny Rand will follow suit (no pun intended).


Iron Fist comes to Netflix on March 17.

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Paul Williams

I didn’t get to see the Iron Fist trailer until I got home yesterday but ... I thought it was fun. I’m not sure what people were expecting exactly that it didn’t have?