io9's Winter Forecast Talks Game of Thrones' Epic Dragon Battle

Image: HBO
Image: HBO

io9's Winter Forecast returns with hosts Beth Elderkin and Katharine Trendacosta, talking about “The Spoils of Conquest,” one of Game of Thrones’ fieriest episodes ever. Also: the Iron Bank, dragonglass and cave paintings, Bran vs. Littlefinger, and so much more. Watch here!


Check in for io9's live breakdown of the biggest events of last night’s episode, as well as what’s to come next week.

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Let me first premise my comment by saying that there were/is way too many (thousands) of comments to rummage through to find out who brought up such a brilliant idea, but someone did, and that is: Jon totally drew those walkers on the cave wall just to get Dany on board with his ‘delusional’ enemies to come, and to perhaps sneak time in for some bended knee action.