io9's Winter Forecast Figures Out Whether Game of Thrones' 'Eastwatch' Was Good or Not

Image: HBO
Image: HBO

io9's Winter Forecast is back with “Eastwatch,” an episode that barely features the location it’s named after. Hosts Katharine Trendacosta and Beth Elderkin discuss secret family ties, dragon buddies, and why Arya is acting so stupid all of a sudden. Watch it here!!

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I think some of the difficulties with the episode were rooted with how some characters moved forward at the expense of decisions that were inconsistent or disappointing for other characters.

For instance, the episode was subtly (or maybe not so subtly) attempting to position Jon as the true king of Westeros. This was done in two ways that were both awkward.

First, Dany’s decision to flame the Tully’s. The urgency of this decision was motivated not by anything that was strategically important to Dany but rather almost completely related to showcasing that despite Dany’s awesomeness there would be some lords who would never accept her claim to the throne. Here are two dudes who committed suicide for Cersei despite owing no true allegiance to her. It made no sense for them to make such a sacrifice or for Dany to require them to be urgently killed in this manner. But it does showcase that there are many who won’t accept her legitimacy, which was what the scene was truly about.

Similarly, Sam had an awkward scene with Gilly that highlighted the possibility that Jon has a legitimate claim to the throne and is a rightful heir.

But ultimately what is leaving some of the audience wanting is that we all want to see a Game of Thrones version of Big Brother After Hours. We want more content and this season is flying by. There does seem to be a sense of time that the characters themselves are experiencing but for the audience it is difficult to assume that perspective. Travel is near instantaneous and a lot of events and dialogue are being shortchanged so much so that the payoff after seasons of waiting for answers is being undermined by it.

Please slow down so we can relish these moments.