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io9's Winter Forecast Checks Out Jon Snow's Butt, Also the Season Finale

Image: HBO
Image: HBO

It’s the end of an era! Game of Thrones has finished its seventh season, and Beth Elderkin is joined by Gizmodo social media editor Joe Tonelli to chat about whether “The Dragon and the Wolf” managed to close all of the show’s plot holes before heading into the final season. The answer is: kind of.


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The problem with the scene between Cersei and Jaime is clumsy writing. I feel like they still want to play with the prophecy plot and keep us in the dark over whether it will be Jaime or Tyrion that kills Cersei, so they needed this big dramatic fallout that pushes Jaime to leave her. They needed Jaime to live.

But the writers backed themselves against a wall because they know as well as we all do that the only logical conclusion to the way that showdown between them played out is for Jaime to die.

They either needed to write that scene differently in order to give Jaime a better out (maybe grit his teeth while learning of her plans, and then just ghost out — leaving Cersei to rage at his exit/betrayal and vow to hunt him down). Or they needed to do what that scene as written required, which is kill him, and then roll with the consequences next season.

As is, between the scene with Cersei and Tyrion, and the one with her and Jaime, they took all of her teeth away. I can’t take her seriously anymore... and that’s not how her character should be perceived going into the final season.

(Also, please edit your video so it doesn’t have 2 minutes of a title screen...)