The first round of our tournament to determine the best sci-fi and fantasy show of them all is now in the books, and 32 teams are left to battle it out for the title. Vote now and decide the bracket fates of Doctor Who, The X-Files, Twilight Zone, Fringe, Lost, Game of Thrones, both Battlestar Galacticas, three Star Trek shows, and more!

You can find all the polls down below — they will remain open until midnight Pacific time tonight, so head down there and vote now! We're deciding the Second Round today, and we'll be back Wednesday, March 20 for the Sweet Sixteen and Friday, March 22 for the Elite Eight. To see how we reached this point, check out our updated bracket below. Click on it to expand, or go here for an even larger version. If you want a refresher on the rules of the tournament (and an answer to the eternal question, "Where's Firefly!?), check out our first tourney post here.

Last Thursday's final half of the First Round saw all the favorites advance, mostly by huge margins. Only Blake's 7 saw a really serious challenge from its opponent, as it squeaked by Dark Shadows with just 51% of the vote. Sixties sitcom Bewitched put up a surprisingly spirited showing as the 13-seed, taking 47% of the vote against Max Headroom, and one-season wonder The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. turned in a respectable 38% to Lost's 62%. But mostly, this was a day of routs, with Doctor Who, Twilight Zone, TNG, Farscape, Babylon 5, and even Quantum Leap and Red Dwarf notching over 80% of their respective votes. Mostly, we at the selection committee are just heartbroken that The Middleman could only muster 26% against Buck Rogers — it seems the perpetually under-appreciated show is still under-appreciated.


Anyway, that's all prologue for today's match-ups, and we've got some doozies. Will Mystery Science Theater 3000 cement its underdog status by knocking off Twin Peaks? How will the sixties camp of Batman fare against the contemporary camp of Torchwood, the lowest remaining seed? In our all-fantasy match-up, can Xena: The Warrior Princess spring the upset against Game of Thrones? And were we just complete jerks to match up Farscape against Stargate SG-1? All these questions and more will be answered by you, so vote now!

Top image adapted from the cover art by J.K. Woodward for Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1.

The Final Frontier Regional

The Truth Is Out There Regional

The Gallifrey Regional

The Rod Serling Regional