The Final Four is now set, in our quest to find the greatest science fiction and fantasy TV show of them all. And today, you'll be voting on the first of two titanic semifinal match-ups. The X-Files vs. the original Star Trek: who ya got!? Also, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the rest finally put in an appearance, as we kick off the Whedon Invitational Tournament! The polls are open, so start voting!

We have three polls for you to vote on today: the semifinal match-up between the original Star Trek and The X-Files, and the first round match-ups in our 4-team Whedon Invitational Tournament. The polls are all located down below, and voting will be open until midnight Pacific time tonight.


On Wednesday, March 27, we'll open the polls for the other Final Four match-up of Doctor Who vs. Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the championship match-up in our Whedon Invitational. Let's take a look at the updated bracket; as always, click here for an even closer look.

As for why we decided to split Joss Whedon's four shows off into their own category, we discuss this back in the first post (and then again in more detail in the comments section); suffice it to say, long experience from previous io9 tournaments has taught us that Buffy, Firefly, and company are just too big to play well with others. So instead, we're going to have them face off against each other in the ultimate Whedon-themed showdown! Our W.I.T. bracket is below, and you can also see the even bigger version here.

As for how we got to this particular Final Four... people, we need to talk about the insanity that was The X-Files vs. Game of Thrones. While our other three Elite Eight match-ups weren't too close, the showdown between The X-Files and Game of Thrones was probably the closest contest we've ever seen. I checked in at random points throughout Friday, and the two were at one stage tied at exactly 2,991 votes each, which is just unheard of. There were several lead changes as both shows built up temporary leads of fifty to a hundred votes, but the margin was still only 20 when I checked in again at 11,131 votes. The X-Files put in a little distance in the final hour to win relatively comfortably by 166 votes, but still, that was a pretty wonderfully insane match-up.


Can any of our three contests today be as close? Does The X-Files have any miracles left for its big bout against Captain Kirk and the original Enterprise crew?

Can Angel or Dollhouse spring some upsets against their heavily favored W.I.T. foes? It's all up to you to decide, so vote now! Polls are open until midnight Pacific time tonight!

March TV Madness Semifinal

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