io9's March Movie Madness Hits The Sweet Sixteen: Serenity Vs. Back To The Future - Polls Now Open!

Alasdair Wilkins and Meredith Woerner

Things got ugly last Wednesday (Star Wars just shamed The Incredibles in the polls). But it's about to get a lot uglier. Today Serenity goes up against Back To The Future. Make the right choice, people.

In other interesting March Movie Madness news, The Fifth Element lost to 2001 and Termintor shoved little Wall-E in the giant trash compactor. If Star Wars continues to dominate on the polls, we think there is a very real chance that we could have a Star Wars Vs. Empire Strikes Back final four showdown on your hands.


Here's the new updated bracket (click on the image to make it bigger).

Remember there are only 5 more days left! Here's the tournament schedule:

TODAY: Sweet Sixteen
Monday, March 28: Elite Eight
Wednesday, March 30: Final Four
Friday, April 1: Final Four
Monday, April 4: Championship

VOTE RIGHT NOW for the movie you want to win. The final champ will be crowned "greatest scifi movie ever." Polling ends at 11 PM (PST) tonight.

1. Star Wars Vs. 4. Alien


1. 2001: A Space Odyssey Vs. 4. Inception

1. Blade Runner Vs. 4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind


2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Vs. 6. Aliens

2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Vs. 11. Jurassic Park


3. Terminator 2 Vs. 7. District 9

4. Back to the Future Vs. 8. Serenity


7. Terminator Vs. 14. Galaxy Quest


We've also included a smaller, sweet sixteen bracket for those of you who requested it.

Bracket by Stephanie Fox.


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