io9's March Movie Madness Final Four: Blade Runner Vs. Serenity

Alasdair Wilkins and Meredith Woerner

In the first half of the final four, The Empire Strikes Back absolutely clobbered the original Star Wars. Now it's Replicants vs. Browncoats as Blade Runner takes on Serenity. Are we headed for an all Harrison Ford championship? Vote now!

It's time to choose which worthy competitor will step into the ring against The Empire Strikes Back. With Blade Runner, we have one of the most iconic visions of the future in science fiction history, a complex, haunting movie that's part dystopia and part film noir. (It's also got what is quite possibly the greatest death scene in cinema history.) With Serenity, we have the rousing conclusion to one of the most revered sci-fi TV shows of all time, an endlessly quotable and intensely human movie that constantly rides the thin line between comedy and tragedy.


But it doesn't matter what we think - it's time for you to choose which movie will move on to Wednesday's championship. VOTE NOW for the movie you want to win. Polls close at 11 PM PST!

1. Blade Runner Vs. 8. Serenity

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