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Conventions are grand occasions for fanly fellowship. They're also grand occasions to spill your Slurpee on Lou Ferrigno and accidentally immolate yourself when a stray cigarette ember ignites your Ego the Living Planet costume. We want your tales of woe!


With Comic Con around the corner, we want to create a compendium of worst-case scenarios so that others may learn from/laugh at your plight. Think about it — you'll educate, entertain, and achieve minor internet fame, as we'll publish some of the best disasters in coming days. These stories can be from any convention, and the more cringeworthy the better! So if you ever threw up on Joss Whedon's shoes or had Warren Ellis brandish brass knuckles in the vicinity of your jawbone, now's the time to let the world know!

[Photo via Nathan Rupert]


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