We’re here! San Diego Comic-Con is officially underway, and io9's team is on location to bring you all the coolest news, interviews, panels, cosplay, and videos from SDCC 2019. Let’s kick things off by heading inside the show floor with io9's own Germain Lussier and Beth Elderkin, who made the rounds on preview night to give you a sneak peek at everything that lies in store.

There was so much to see, even on the traditional calm-before-the-storm that is preview night at Comic-Con. Lucasfilm and Lego brought the crimson-clad new Sith trooper from The Rise of Skywalker to the show floor as part of a new exhibit on the evolution of the Stormtrooper design. Steven Universe fans could belt out their favorite tunes from the show on a karaoke setup emulating Beach City’s finest seaside concert venue. Marvel gave its Defenders TV shows one last huzzah with a display of costumes currently being auctioned off. And even the crystal from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance showed up!


You can see all this and more in our tour video above—be sure to leave a comment with the coolest things you’ve seen (or want to see) on the show floor, and head to our Instagram Stories where we’re sharing even more great stuff from the show floor and around San Diego Comic-Con. Stay tuned for all of io9's coverage this week at Comic-Con. Excelsior!

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