io9 Show: The Science of The Avengers!

This week on the io9 show We Come From The Future, it's all about The Avengers! We discuss the hotly anticipated team-up movie, check in with a genetic biologist, and see if we already have the science to create a real life-team of superheroes. Plus, we share our picks for superheroes that should get their own Hollywood treatment!


You can catch more episodes of the io9 Show on YouTube or Revision3. We're also on iTunes! Tune in every Friday for a giant dose of the future that will have you tripping your face off all weekend.

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Corpore Metal

Commenting on a bit in the vid—

I pretty much assumed that Tony Stark's helmet looks entirely transparent to him and that it's nearly a full three-sixty display, full of glowing arrows, targeting reticules and floating chunks of text and numbers. Pretty much like any HUD.

Or at least that's the way I'd design it. It would make it seem like he's not wearing a helmet at all.

Although that would be slightly confusing to people watching the movie who don't realize such things are possible.