Last week we asked you all to use your image-manipulation skills to turn the newly discovered Dreadnoughtus (which, at 65 tons and 85 feet long, is already a pretty badass dinosaur) into an outrageously badass dinosaur. I think it's safe to say you all delivered.

Your entries were so exceptional, in fact, that paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara, whose team discovered Dreadnoughtus, got in touch to tell us how impressed he and his fellow researchers were. Naturally, we invited them all to serve as guest judges and select the winners. Their selections were as follows:

1st Place: The Great War, by BrunoNZ

2nd Place: Godzilla vs. Dreadnoughtus, by drbadman

3rd Place: Teddy Roosevelt, Dread Rough Ryder, by Michael Munro


Honorable Mention: Dread vs. the Millennium Falcon, by Chris Bramley


Honorable Mention: Dreadnoughtus and Death Dealer, by Tynee

Many thanks to paleoartist Jennifer Hall for supplying the original Dreadnoughtus concept art, and to all the readers who submitted their work. (You can check out all the entries here.)


"The team [pictured below] got a huge kick out of watching Dread sally forth into pop culture," says Lacovara. "We're gratified that after nine years of hard work, Dreadnoughtus now belongs to the world."

Above: Dreadnoughtus excavation team, 2007, Patagonia | Photo Courtesy of Kenneth Lacovara