io9’s March Movie Madness Second Round: Blade Runner vs. Ghostbusters

Alasdair Wilkins and Meredith Woerner

Let the io9 March Movie Madness tournament rage on. Last week, underdog Galaxy Quest trampled blockbuster mega-smash Avatar. But will it live on to fight again? Polls are open now — vote for the greatest science fiction movie ever made!


There some serious heat in the io9 movie tournament this week. Blade Runner Vs. Ghostbusters promises to be an all out blood bath. Same goes for Akira Vs. Alien. Here is the schedule for voting for the rest of the tournament. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back had the most votes last week with 4,641 votes. Which gives some credence to the speculation that the final will be Blade Runner Vs. Empire. That is, if Blade Runner can beat the beloved Ghostbusters today.

There are eight match-ups today, and there will be eight more match ups on Wednesday. So if you're looking for Wall-E Vs. Terminator, that showdown is on Wednesday the 23rd. Here is the schedule for voting for the rest of the tournament. Remember, you decide who moves on to the next round. So vote!

Monday, March 21 TODAY and Wednesday, March 23: Second Round
Friday, March 25: Sweet Sixteen
Monday, March 28: Elite Eight
Wednesday, March 30: Final Four
Friday, April 1: Final Four
Monday, April 4: Championship

VOTE RIGHT NOW For the movie you WANT to win. Polling ends tonight at 11 PM.

1. Blade Runner Vs. 9. Ghostbusters


1. E.T. Vs. 8. Serenity

2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Vs. 7. The Matrix


2. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) Vs. 7. District 9

3. Metropolis (1927) Vs. 11. Jurassic Park


4. Inception Vs. 5. Planet of the Apes (1968)


6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Vs. 14. Galaxy Quest

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