io9 Readers, Talk to Us

Queen Amidala.
Queen Amidala.
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We know you have opinions. Let’s hear them.

In case you missed it, Gizmodo—home to io9 and Earther—recently welcomed a new Editor in Chief, John Biggs. After having chat with him about what Gizmodo readers as a whole want, he thought it might be nice to hear from io9 fans specifically. And while I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war, I figured it couldn’t hurt.


I jest! Seriously though, I told John io9 readers are already pretty vocal when it comes to telling us what they like and don’t, but now there’s a handy Google survey you can take where you can help us break down some specifics.

My only request (outside of staying respectful) is that you take the time to give constructive feedback and realize that some things are out of the staff’s control. For example: Bad—“I don’t like videos.” Good—“I don’t like videos because...” and “I would prefer to watch videos that...” You get the idea.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

io9 bookclub was great. I didn’t like all the books, but that’s the point. I was exposed to new things and found many authors that I now love, including Lauren Beukes who had a new novel come out this week. It was great to be able to talk to the authors too. A list of authors I found through io9 bookclub: Emily St John Mandel, Paolo Bacigalupi, Margaret Atwood, Erin Morgenstern, China Mieville, James SA Corey, Ann Leckie, Jeff VanderMeer, Mira Grant, Iain M Banks, Lauren Beukes, Hannu Rajaniemi, Charles Yu, Max Barry, Nick Harkaway, Kameron Hurley, Genevieve Valentine, Robert Repino, Matthew de Abaitua.

“What to watch” was a never-miss feature on Mondays. I found new shows I would have never known about without it.

In general, there is just too much coverage of comics, toys, and horror for me and not enough coverage of science fiction or science. Go ahead and cover the comics, toys, and horror. Just please actually cover some SF that isn’t a Marvel movie occasionally. That’s hyperbole, but you get the point.

The quality of science reporting on io9 used to be much better. I don’t even click on the post if I see certain bylines because the quality of their science reporting is so bad. Sensationalism may bait clicks, but not mine.

Finally, slide shows suck. I don’t need a “because” on that because (there it is anyway) given a choice between slide shows and another Trump term, every single reader would have to sit and think about it for a minute. No one in the recorded history of the internet has ever said “I wish there were more slide shows.”