io9 Puzzles Through the Characters of Star Trek: Discovery and Its Giant Water Bear

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

The fourth episode of Star Trek: Discovery further explored the differences between Captain Lorca and scientist Stamets—and how Burnham’s figuring out how to work with them both. We also caught up with the Klingons, and learned more about the strange creature the crew found on the Glenn.


In the latest livestream, Katharine Trendacosta and Beth Elderkin discuss “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry,” and puzzle through all the show has revealed so far.

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As much as I’m enjoying Discovery, some of the writing weaknesses are starting to pile up in ways that are difficult to overcome.

T’Kuvma (and, by extension, Voq) managed to unite the Klingons into a single force of war, but the Great Houses left his flagship completely unattended for six months while it drifted in Federation space? Even though its cloaking technology is a clear game-changer for the war?

The Federation took the time to recover an archaic telescope from the Shenzou, but didn’t scuttle the vessel or remove vital engine components?

Even the first officer of the Discovery didn’t know that Burnham was going to be assigned there, but somehow Starfleet took the time and effort to deliver Georgiou’s will and testament to her?

I like this show, and I want it to be tighter than it is. These things keep distracting me from the generally solid characters—standouts include Burnham, Lorca, and Stamets—and an engrossing plot.