io9 Plunges Deep Into The Throbbing Future of Love

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This week, while many humans ready themselves for a consumer-oriented celebration known as Valentine's Day, io9 takes you away from the hearts and candies and into Romance 3000AD. We're going to get futuristic, romantic, and a little naughty.


We'll be bringing you stories about everything from the science of aphrodisiacs, to the best love potions in science fiction. You'll get wantonly-researched features on epic romances from science fiction and the true nature of erotic dystopia. Plus, some of the biggest names in paranormal romance will finally answer your most burning question: What the hell is paranormal romance, anyway?

And of course there will be galleries devoted to scifi cuties of all seven genders, as well as detailed instructions on how to build your own sexbot. Plus, learn more about people who have romantic relationships with ships and other vehicles!


More special treats will be unveiled as the week goes on, so hold on to your extra heart and those replacement genitals - and plunge ahead into Romance 3000AD!

Special thanks to the amazing Kiriko Moth, who designed the gorgeous Romance 3000AD illustrations.

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I eager await IO9 trying to top Randy the Electric Woman.