io9 Navigates a Sea of Subplots, and Debates Whether Star Trek: Discovery Is Bingeable

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

Star Trek: Discovery’s latest episode was a weird mix of side stories and plot twists designed more to lead us into next week’s finale than stand on its own. So, what the heck was every character up to this week, and are there any members of the Discovery who aren’t on the verge of a nervous breakdown?


On the latest io9 video livestream, Beth Elderkin and Katharine Trendacosta dive into the muddled water that is “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” as well as discuss how bingeable Star Trek: Discovery is for fans who’ve chosen to wait to watch it all at once. You can check out the video below.

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One question: why are all star trek uniforms significantly worse than the originals?

the original uniform- black pants, color coded pull-over tops, pull-on boots, accessory belt if needed, communicator on chest. Easy to change, easy to wear. Casual and non military but yet totally a uniform and totally organized. in a chaotic environment you know who is who- RED GUY! go fix the broken thing! BLUE GUY! What is that thing?

And yet every new star trek uniform is some version of a giant onesie. An outfit that means, gotta poop? congratulations, you’re getting half-naked. Gonna sit down? Congratulations, you now have a wedgie. Injured your leg? Welp, time to get naked because there’s no way to get there without taking off the entire outfit. Wait, which one are you again? are you in engineering or are you in medical? Oh shit, sorry, you’re in command. Got it.

Sorry. It just drives me insane.