io9 Meetup in San Francisco tonight, 10/21!

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Get ready for another io9 meetup in San Francisco - once again in our favorite bookstore cafe, Borderlands. We'll meet tonight, October 21, from 7-9 PM.

Come out to meet io9 editors, writers, and readers. Discuss the new Avengers trailer, the new Martian rover, and whether or not hurricanes could catch on fire! (Do not actually light anything on fire to prove your point.) This is a geek-friendly event, so don't worry about being too shy or socially awkward. All you need to attend are a love of science and science fiction.

Yes, this event has a Facebook page.

Borderlands is a great science fiction bookstore, featuring an incredible selection of new and used books. And they've got a lovely, spacious cafe next door. We'll be meeting in the cafe, but you can always run over and buy some books if you feel the urge (which you probably will).


Borderlands, at 866 Valencia, is conveniently located near the 16th and Mission St. BART. There is also parking available in a few local garages, as well as street parking (hard to find in the Mission though). Here are garages we suggest:

21st St. (between Valencia and Mission) MEDA/City Garage. Pay an attendant.

16th St. at Hoff (between Mission and Valencia) City Garage. Metered parking.

Mission St. (between 19th and 20th) El Capitan/Greek Imports behind Bruno's. Enter on Mission St. Private lot.

See you there!

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Say hi to Alan, Cole, and the rest of the Borderlanders for me!