io9 March Madness Sweet 16: Game of Thrones vs. Firefly!

io9's March Madness continues apace, and we're kicking this week off with the sweet sixteen. Well, technically the there are only fifteen — Star Trek's managed to hang in on both the TV and Movie side of this bracket. But is there any chance of a Star Trek vs. Star Trek final? Only one way to find out!

Top image and bracket by Jim Cooke

Friday's round was fairly brutal, and a lot of favorites were lost along the way. 6-seed Twilight Zone narrowly managed to defeat the combined universe of 3-seed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Other shows triumphing over younger competition included The X-Files dispatching Arrow and The Flash and Stargate winning over Fringe. On the other end of that spectrum, Game of Thrones handily defeated The Prisoner.


In movies, the narrowest contest was between Blade Runner and Back to the Future, where only 212 votes gave the win to Blade Runner. The Matrix's dark horse momentum was not strong enough to defeat The Dark Knight Trilogy. Perhaps a little surprisingly, Ghostbusters barely put up a fight against Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park — despite being a 14-seed on the weakness of its sequels — continues to steamroll past higher seeds.

Today promises to be even more gut-wrenching. Star Wars goes up against the Dark Knight. Will Game of Thrones unseat Firefly? Will the United Federation of Planets defeat Battlestar Galactica? Can the combined might of the Marvel movies defeat the rest of the Star Trek oeuvre? And is Jurassic Park's underdog run at an end at the hands of Indiana Jones? The only way to know is to vote. Voting closes, as always, at midnight.

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Wednesday, March 25: Elite Eight

Friday, March 27: Final Four

Monday, March 30: Championship Round


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