Today are the semifinals for io9's March Madness: Movies vs. TV. That means it's time to make picks for the grand showdown on Monday. So who's going to be? Star Wars or the Marvel movies? Doctor Who or Star Trek? Time to vote!

Image and bracket by Jim Cooke

After many rounds of voting, we've come down to three long-runners and a relative newcomer based on long-running comic characters. Remember: Star Trek as a TV franchise are the only things under consideration, as the movies got knocked out of the running a few rounds ago. Similarly, it's the Marvel movieverse that's up for a vote today, not the comics they're based on. Movies vs. TV is the literal name of the game.


Wondering what you get to count? Want to ignore the Star Wars prequels? Or your least favorite Star Trek franchise? Not a fan of NuWho? You can vote for the single thing you love most, as explained in this introductory post. Ultimately, it's up to you to vote. You have until midnight tonight, then we'll have our final round on Monday.




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