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io9 is hiring: We're looking for a few good researchers!

Illustration for article titled io9 is hiring: Were looking for a few good researchers!

Are you just starting your career, and want to get your feet wet with a research job at io9? We've got three openings — two for contributing researchers who focus on culture and entertainment, and one for a half-time editorial fellow in the sciences who will do research, writing, and outreach in the science community.


Culture Contributing Researcher
Contributing researchers will research entertainment and culture stories, track news, and write posts. The researcher will learn how to spot a good story, and how to distinguish important news from publicity machine chaff. He or she will contribute research daily to our popular Morning Spoilers feature, and help with fact-gathering for research-intensive stories on pop culture history and trivia. There will be opportunities for him or her to contribute reviews and news stories as well. These jobs pay $500/month, for 10 hours of work per week, but we are flexible about when and where you work.

Science Editorial Fellow
The science editorial fellow will research and suggest science stories, keep up with breaking news in scientific journals, and write posts. He or she must have some experience with scientific research. This position will allow him or her to build on basic scientific knowledge to spot important discoveries and learn how to translate complicated or technical concepts into stories that a popular audience can appreciate. He or she will work 20 hours per week doing research for io9 reporters, combing through scientific papers and looking into the research of working scientists for information. The fellow will also have the opportunity to develop and write stories on topics of his or her choice. Editorial fellows are hourly employees, and you'll be paid an hourly wage for 20 set hours per week. You must have the legal ability to work in the United States, but you can work from anywhere, as long as you are working your hours online during daylight hours, Pacific Time.


How to Apply
Sorry, we're no longer taking applications!

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Annalee Newitz

I'm actually a little surprised that there is no spam on this post that says, "You wouldn't believe it but my sister's yorkie made $72 an hour doing science journalism from home!"