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Well, that was quite a week, wasn't it? But io9 is back on its home servers.

After several days on Tumblr, we're back on our familiar blogging grounds. All of us here at io9 want to thank you all for your patience these last few days. We know that it has been hectic for lots of folks and we really appreciate you bearing with us.


We've imported all the stories from the io9 Emergency Tumblr, so if you haven't kept up this past week, there are tons of juicy stories of our present, future, and retrofuture to dig into. Some of those stories still need a little cleaning up in our regular system, so you may notice some weirdness. Our swarm of nanobots is on it.

Many of you have asked what will become of our Tumblr site, and the truth is, we don't know yet. We've had great fun working on a very different blogging platform, and we're grateful to Tumblr for being so welcoming and accommodating of the whole Gawker staff. You were our port in a very big storm.


For now, we are just happy to home. But even as we kick the tires over here, we can't forget that Sandy has deeply affected many people, including some members of our own staff. We ask that those of you who haven't already consider donating to hurricane relief. It can be as simple as sending a text message.

So here we are, back at and at your service. Huge thanks to our tech team and the rest of the staff for working so hard and such long hours to bring us back. We missed all of the discussions and comments and we're thrilled to be chatting with all you wonderful folks again.

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