io9 Halloween Costume Show Week Two: It's Mary Poppins, Y'all

Image: Kinja User Mea.Glitch
Image: Kinja User Mea.Glitch

Last week, we kicked off our annual Halloween costume showcase—and as ever, the io9 community is already kicking October 31's ass with some absolutely brilliant costumes. With just one week to go, we want to see how you’re all getting on with your costumes!


You could be like the fabulous Mea.Glitch up here, and have already tried out your excellent Yondu-Poppins costume out at a con before the big day. Or you could be like many of our users last week and still be in the process of building your Halloween epic. It doesn’t matter how far along you are, we want to see it!

We’ve already had some wonderful entries so far. Bluehinter’s originally planned ‘80s Cyberman costume may have a head missing (oh no!), but they’re making up for it with some bonus Doctor Who displays. That light-up Ood!


Meanwhile, MVO Props is putting together a rad-looking reptilian that’s already looking creepily wonderful:

LaDracul’s David Haller Legion getup maybe a backup costume, but it’s simple, easy, and a tribute to one of the best TV shows of the year so far!

While Mike and his wife are doing the Motherland proud with their take on Batman and Wonder Woman from Red Son:

If you still need some last-minute inspiration, you can see the rest of the entries we’ve had so far this year, in progress or otherwise, here. But there’s still time to submit your entries, like right now!


You know the drill: please post pictures of yourself (and only yourself) in the comments below, and tell us both who or what you are dressed up as and a little about how you put your costume together, in the comments. The very best will be featured here on io9 next week, on Halloween itself! Spooky.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Strange Case

Happy Halloween from Nakatomi Plaza! With many thanks to our friend, JDZphotography. P.S. That’s our son’s bad guy face, not a don’t-make-me-pose-for-a-photo face.